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BlueLion October News!

October 4, 2022




Unique Benefits in the Workplace


Leading up to our Unique Benefits in the Workplace webinar next month, we are featuring a Unique Benefit once a month in our newsletters for you and your company to check out!


Workplace Wellness


Katie Geery | Rise Private Wealth Management


Did you know financial wellness is one of the fastest growing employee benefits? The Rise Private Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, financial wellness program meets employees where they are to deliver meaningful financial resources. The program is built on three core financial capabilities: 


  1. Financial education 
  2. Provide 24/7 access to the Ameriprise Financial wellness website 
  3. Easy access to tools and calculators 
  4. Offer topical articles and information 
  5. Financial tools and resources 
  6. Market updates and commentary 
  7. Budgeting and money management resources 
  8. Informational articles 
  9. Actionable worksheets and checklists 
  10. Financial planning 
  11. Provide personal support for employees 
  12. Provide broad or specific planning services that address the business objectives 

Your workforce will also be introduced to the Ameriprise Confident Retirement approach to financial planning. Sound financial planning requires balance, balancing smart decisions today with careful planning for tomorrow. That’s where the Confident Retirement approach comes in. 


At Rise, we have the flexibility to implement a program that makes the most sense for your organization. To get the program started, we will work to put together a program designed to meet the needs of your workforce and culture. Contact [email protected] for more information! 


Jennifer Wall | Nutrition In Motion


Nutrition in Motion (NIM) provides customized wellness solutions for employers. With a foundation in nutrition and a focus on preventing and combating chronic disease, NIM offers a range of options to meet the needs of both the employer and their employees. From stand-alone lunch and learns and one-on-one meetings with a Registered Dietitian to Multi-week programs NIM works with the employer to customize a plan to meet their time, budget and scheduling needs.


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From the BlueLion Blog



Why an Anti-Harassment Policy is Essential for Every Employer


There’s a lot of talk about workplace harassment right now, from bullying to sexual harassment. And rightfully so: It’s a serious problem that can have lasting effects on victims and their careers. 


But what does an anti-harassment policy do for employers? A good one will not only help prevent harassment but also keep the company out of trouble if an employee files a complaint—or worse, sues them for ignoring it. So why don’t more employers have one?


In this blog post, we’re diving into the crucial ways a comprehensive anti-harassment policy protects your business and what it should include.


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How Should Employers Handle Harassment Complaints?


 You hope it never happens—the dreaded harassment complaint. But you work with humans, and workplace harassment still occurs today. In fact, the EEO reports that discrimination based on retaliation, disability, race, or sex makes up more than 30% of all charges. 


Employers are responsible for ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. This includes taking steps to prevent harassment and responding appropriately once a complaint has been made. So how should you handle these serious situations? It all comes down to four essential components: 


  • Create a respectful workplace with a zero-tolerance harassment policy
  • Develop a solid anti-harassment policy
  • Create a thorough harassment complaint and investigation procedure
  • Train employees (both management and rank-and-file) on the policy and procedures


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