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Bonnie Brooks Roberts

Brooks Coaching
Bonnie Brooks Roberts
Business Communication Coach

Being in business is challenging. Being in business while struggling with the unique quirks of the English language and unfamiliar social expectations can feel downright overwhelming. So I help my clients build confidence in their language and social skills while we tackle their real-world business issues together. My clients are small business owners and professionals who want to grow but are being held back by ineffective communication.

My business communication coaching is for you if: 

  • You’re a first-generation immigrant business owner 
  • You speak English but need to improve your fluency to communicate more effectively with clients, customers, and employees 
  • You’re a native English speaker but are anxious about networking, being on a podcast, or giving a presentation and want to feel more confident 
  • You want help with social skills and business etiquette 
  • You want to improve your conversation skills
  • You’re not sure why you’re getting negative reviews or not converting leads into sales

Effective communication skills are vital to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.