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New England B2B Networking Events Now In Connecticut!

ATTENTION business professionals! Are you a B2B professional who is struggling to meet potential clients and referral partners at networking events?  Are you searching for additional networking opportunities? We have a solution.

Attend one of our TWO Connecticut B2B online networking events and meet with true B2B professionals in YOUR local area.


Event: New England B2B Networking Group Online Video Networking Event Connecticut

Date:                         March 11, 2021                             

Time:                         4:00 – 5:00 pm EST

 Register Here:         Tickets


Date:                         March 23, 2021

Time:                         9:00 – 10:00 am EST

Register Here:          Tickets


Hi, my name is Kevin Willett. I am the founder of The New England B2B Networking Group and have been hosting business networking events for nearly 10 years. This past year, events have been all virtual and extraordinarily successful.

B2B Networking may look a little different today but expanding your network is still a necessity in business! 

Format of the Events

  • Space is limited to 10 people with no overlap of professions.
  • Tickets are $20, sold on Eventbrite with seats allocated to B2B professions only.  
  • You will have a 6-minute one-to-one conversation with each person until you have spoken to everyone.
  • The attendees change at each event, so you are always meeting new people and there are no attendance requirements. 
  • All attendees receive an email that shares the contact information of each participant so you can easily follow up. 

Advantages of Online Networking Events

  • Saves time - Online Networking Events help save time by eliminating commuting to events. Each event lasts up to 60 minutes and then you can go right back to work.
  • New referral partners and potential clients – These events are ideal for people looking to meet new referral partners and potential clients. The online format draws people from a wider area allowing you a chance to grow your network.

Have questions? Visit our website at https://newenglandb2bnetworking.com or our social media pages, and feel free to message us. You will find we are the real deal in Networking.