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Laurence Bleicher

Energy LB Resources LLC
Laurence Bleicher

20A Northwest Blvd Box 279
Nashua, NH 03063
United States

Energy Efficiency

Energy LB Resources is at heart an engineering company. We are a company dedicated to identifying and deploying operational energy, resource, and power reductions. We focus on energy efficiency and optimization technologies in commercial and industrial facilities. We help companies and businesses of endless variety lower consumption, cut costs, minimize environmental impact. 

 We take a uniquely integrated approach, deploying a diverse and ever expanding set of technologies and methods. Firmly grounded in science and innovative in their application, our solutions are  custom engineered to the requirements, characteristics, and priorities of each facility.  We begin with power, resource, and fuel use and their respective distribution systems. Where energy losses can be minimized, we minimize them. Where power quality can be improved to allow loads to run more consistently, efficiently,  at cooler temperatures, we improve it. Where heat or other forms of energy can be recovered and repurposed, we recover it. In concert, we target specific equipment and loads to be more energy lean.


The Energy Conservation Pyramid

In addition to the technical offering, collaboration is also at the heart of our mission, and thus approach. We listen and learn about your operations, discuss ways in which we can provide benefit, and address logistics and project management at each step of the way, together with you. We then provide ongoing Measurement & Verification services to ensure our solutions deliver the energy savings and performance expected. 

Through our diverse and expanding network of clean energy technology companies and entities,  we bring to bear expertise and industry experience in resource conservation and power quality improvement measures for CI customers.  Most  major sub-systems fall under our tent of capabilities  – Power Quality in electric distribution systems and loads; HVAC and Refrigeration/Cooling systems; Water and Hydronic systems; Boilers and Steam systems; Lighting and Intelligent Controls; Combined Power and Battery Storage  installations; and more.

In every facility, in every sub-system, in any operational scenario, we find ways to reduce, reuse, renew.  Good for business. Good for the planet.


Based in Nashua, NH, we serve the larger New England region and beyond.