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Business Networking Tip - Go Eat Cake

Last night was my nephew’s 5th birthday, so I went over his house and had a few slices of cake with him. Now It would have been easy to skip the party because it was a weeknight, I had a bad day, and I still had plenty of work to do.

But he is my favorite nephew and I wouldn’t want to let him down. I loved watching his eyes bug out of his head when he unwrapped his gifts. Nothing I could have done last night would have been more important as that to me. I find that when I spend time with him it recharges my battery and makes me a better entrepreneur.

The challenge is we listen to the “gurus” and they tell you about how they grew their business by working twenty-four hours a day and how they skipped family events. Now they are so successful, and you should do what they did. But if we don’t follow their lead why can’t we still be successful?

I think you must spend some time thinking about finding balance in your life. If you become financially successful, but you don’t have any family and friends to celebrate with, will it be worth it? Only you can decide the answer to that question my friend.

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