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Saul Sutton

Saul Sutton

6800 E Mayo Blvd
apt 9203
Phoenix, AZ 85054
United States

management consulting

At LetsScale, our purpose is simple- we support the CEO, Founders, and other drivers in the organization. Our clients want a more agile consulting business model ‘closer to SEAL Team Six.’ They want us to get in, get it done with our best resources, talent, tools, and insights — and get out. Our omnichannel strategy solves our clients’ greatest operations growth challenges. We achieve this by analyzing five key areas of their business in our S.C.A.L.E. process: systems, culture, agileness, leanness, and efficiency. By identifying the bottlenecks, we build a strategy providing the best solutions that blend both human and digital capabilities into their organization so they scale effectively.

LetsScale designs customized growth strategies:

The following are 4 of my most commonly requested areas of service:

  1. Fractional Executive growth support COO, CFO, CMO, etc: Assembling Highly Talented Teams of Professionals Who You Would Not Find in a traditional hiring environment. 

  2. Business growth strategy analysis: Identifying Gaps in Process and/or Customer Experience.

  3. Operations Transformation: Gaining an understanding of your current vision and identifying opportunities to expand what is truly possible with your time, talent, and business assets.

  4. Strategic planning and execution: Going from Idea to Reality. We are highly effective at taking an idea and bringing it to life in an easy-to-execute formula.