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Alex Puchulu

Reset & Grow
Alex Puchulu

1285 Main St
Holden, MA 01520
United States

Business Services


I help customers RESET & GROW their businesses! www.inphone.co/alexp

Ask yourself these questions:

* PHONE/MOBILE PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM- Share your story with your clients through video/pictures.  Multiply your business growth by utilizing a communications & business tool that your clients and vendors will never misplace. Send all of your information in an organized manner to your vendors, clients and partners.  Your clients may not be ready to purchase now, but if they have your digital information, chances are they will use your services eventually. You will also be able to share your VIP list with those who need it most, making you the ultimate partner to work with!  For more information go to www.intouchpad.com/alexp and watch the video at the top of the page.

* SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)- Do you wish your website attracted more customers? Does GOOGLE consider you an AUTHORITY expert in your field or area? Receive a FREE AUDIT for your website and a FREE digital presence consultation.

* PRO-TIPS GOLF PHONE CADDY (DIGITAL ADVERTISEMENT)- Are you spending too much money on cold leads? Is it tough to be considered an authority in your area of expertise? Are you targeting the wrong segment? Do golfers know that your local business exists?  Why GOLFERS? Golfers purchase new vehicles, they own homes and need constant home services, they travel yearly, they go to restaurants, they have disposable income, and they manage or own businesses.  Thousands of golfers will tune in to your ads as they are playing a round of golf.  They will want to listen to the an audio of the golf professional's instructions of how to play each hole.  Yes, SHAVE several shots from your game!  Visit my business page for a video of Pro-Tips Golf Caddy www.intouchpad.com/alexp (green link)

If these questions are keeping you up at night, contact me at 774-991-2610 or see my communications page www.inphone.co/alexp.