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Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs

Sabrina Louisa Consulting LLC
Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs
Human Resources

Creative Solutions for evolving organizations

Ensure your company's success with top-notch people policies, procedures, and strategies. 

As a business owner or CEO, your job is to lead your company not to worry about the intricate details of Human Resources trends or Labor compliance.  It is impossible to know what you don't know and the last thing your company needs is to find itself on the wrong side of labor issues.​

That is where our firm comes in.  It is our job to educate you on what you don't know, to ensure your company has what it needs to handle its labor force, and to assist you in setting your business up for growth, stability, and success.  We specialize in compliance and strategy.​

In today's evolving people culture, it benefits your business to have a trusted partner in your corner helping your vision come to life.

List of Services:

  • On-Call HR Consulting

  • Hourly / One-Time HR Consulting

  • Custom Projects