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BrandSpiration Online News from Scott Boyages Promotions July2017



 The Case for Beach Towels



With Summer here, I’m using this edition of Brandspiration to focus on one of the most effective promotional items - but also one of the most overlooked -- beach towels.  


The main reason is simple.  They don’t get thrown away!  Once a beach towel makes it into a linen closet, it's going to be around for quite a while.  In fact the average lifespan of a towel is 15 years according to Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI). Compare that to say a food gift that disappears as soon as you eat it.


But there are other reasons as well.  Beach towels have huge imprint areas  A typical one measures 35” x 60” and the imprint can cover most of that space - or in some instances all of that space. Budget-wise,they compare to sweatshirts or polo's with the added benefit of not having to worry about sizes.


And they’re an item that people really enjoy receiving!  


Here are 3 beach towels that I really like:


Turkish Signature Color Towel


This is a top of the line imprinted towel and is great choice if you want to associate your brand with a real quality product.  It stands out because it's made from velvety soft Turkish Terry (best terry in the world) and comes in 12 colors.  It’s best to imprint these tone-on-tone.

One good way to assess a beach towel is look at the weight.  The Turkish Signature Towels weigh 20 lbs per dozen, which is about as heavy as I’ve seen.


More details on this towel here.


Spinnaker Towel




If you’re into bold color stripes, this is your towel. You can screen print these or embroider. (screen printing looks real sharp as you can see in the above photo). Weight is 16 lbs per dozen and size is 32" x 66".



Color and pricing details here:



ColorFusion Towel


Picture the entire beach towel as an open canvas and you pretty much understand what the ColorFusion towel is all about. This new print process for towels and one that's super vibrant.  


You can print this towel edge-to-edge and flawlessly reproduce any good quality photograph. And the minimum order is just 18 pieces. Click here for pricing.


If your company has a full color logo or product image that it wants to promote, consider the Color Fusion towel!


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