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Steve O'Connor

Evergreen Growth Systems
Steve O'Connor
Business Operations Technology

I help small consulting firms go from a tech stack (i.e. your business software) that is thrown together to a tech stack that is automated and fully integrated into your business.

Managing the tech in your business can be complicated and overwhelming:

- Your software tools may not talk to each other and share data

- You're probably not automating as much as you could be

- Making changes to fit your evolving business needs can be difficult or time consuming

The longer you operate this way, the more the problem compounds.

Using my experience as a systems engineer in a high tech industry for over 20 years, I have come up with a unique system for organizing and connecting your software tools.

This system gives you the maximum leverage that you can get from implementing tech tools in your business - turning your tech stack into a competitive advantage rather than a source of frustration.

Let me help you build a tech system that is fully integrated and automated, providing your business with an operational advantage.