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Graeme Gates

Giggo, LLC
Graeme Gates

Graeme was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and studied law in Illinois. After graduating, he worked in construction law as well as financial services before launching Giggo's mobile platform in April 2021.

He is also featured on the cover of The Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs of 2022, an issue of The Top 100 Magazine.

Giggo is the platform for every builder, repair, and maintenance business.

Giggo's mobile platform connects local contractors with outsourced residential and commercial jobs and projects. Their mission is to deliver an effortless B2C experience with a comprehensive business management and payment system to all contractors who service residential and commercial properties.

They've created a platform for service-based businesses with a simple plug and play interface that provides a stress-free B2C experience. One where a customer can feel confident that help is on already on the way.