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Graeme Gates

Giggo, LLC
Graeme Gates

About Graeme:

Graeme was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and studied law in Illinois. After graduating, he worked in construction law as well as financial services before launching Giggo's mobile platform in April 2021.

He is also featured on the cover of The Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs of 2023, an issue of The Top 100 Magazine.


The Giggo Mobile Platform:

Distinguished and Dependable Service. 4x Faster. Professional and Transparent From Start to Finish.

Our platform seamlessly links local contractors to homeowners, landlords, real estate investors, and property managers. We're committed to simplifying the B2C journey by offering an all-in-one business management and payment solution for everyone in the repair and maintenance industry.


Experience Additional Unmatched Services & Innovation Tailored for You:

  1. We can help you get up to $26,000 per employee in stimulus funding
  2. Boost engagement by overcoming language barriers and secure 20% more of your audience in minutes
  3. Get The Right Healthcare Plan Just For You


Exclusives to New England B2B Networking:

  1. Automate and amplify your LinkedIn engagement effortlessly with AI
  2. Elevate and automate your blog content using AI-driven, SEO-enhanced articles