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Dan Greenleaf

Greenleaf Business Management LLC
Dan Greenleaf

660 Cilley Road
Manchester, NH 03103
United States

Events Service

Greenleaf Business Management LLC (formerly Amoskeag Ltd.) which is based in Manchester, NH has a number of branches including Imsanta.org, Greenleaf Public Relations, Farmholme FibreArts, and e-VillageGreen NH which offers a variety of services and products including sports memorabilia, antiques, collectibles, home decor, art, gifts, toys, tools, books, media, etc. 

e-VillageGreen sells a wide variety of antique, vintage, used and new products on e-Bay, Amazon, Etsy and Craigslist. We also provide consignment sale services to individuals, businesses and organizations. Consulting services are available to those interested in setting up their own online retail programs.

ImSanta.Org has been operating since 2008 but our Santa has made appearances a number of times during the past decades. His Santa activities include school holiday events, employee parties, Christmas fairs, home & office visits, and even Santa on Skis at a White Mountain ski area.