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Alex Puchulu

Reset & Grow
Alex Puchulu

1285 Main St
Holden, MA 01520
United States

Business Services

I help customers RESET & GROW their businesses! A fresh start with new services that allow excellent savings, quality and growth. [email protected]

* Healthcare- Save 30% to 70% per month
* Web Digital Marketing, Social Media
* Business Loans/ Commercial Loans
* Energy (Electric and Gas)
* Payment/ Card Processing
* Security & Automation

Ask yourself these questions:

* HEALTHCARE- Are you paying too much and wish that you could save 30% to 70% per month in most occasions? Do you wish that you can go to ANY doctor or ANY hospital? Do you wish there was another option besides your existing plan? Get a FREE QUOTE for yourself or your business! (available in 47states)

* WEB DIGITAL MARKETING/ SOCIAL MEDIA- Do you wish your website attracted more customers? Does GOOGLE consider you an AUTHORITY expert in your field or area? Receive a FREE AUDIT for your website AND a FREE 30 minute consultation!

* BUSINESS LOAN/COMMERCIAL LOAN- Is your credit not great, or do you need a loan in a fast turnaround time? Are the big banks or credit unions turning you down? Are you in a high risk industry? Alternative financing may be an option for you. I work with 75+ banks to find the right fit for you.
Contact me for a quick application! 

* ENERGY (electric and gas)- Are you paying too much? If you live in the 19 unregulated states, you may be able to lock in a lower rate. Check if your zip code is available to lock a lower rate!

* PAYMENT/CARD PROCESSING- Are you spending too much? Are you in the Cannabis Industry? Show us your bill! 

* SECURITY & AUTOMATION- Do you need security and surveillance in your business? Do you wish to save energy with your smart business controls? Control your security and automation from anywhere.

If these questions are keeping you up at night, contact me at 774-991-2610