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Angela Spears

New York Life
Angela Spears

United States


I help people figure out what they need, when they need it and look at all risks that may stop them from getting there.

I get there is a lot of information at your finger-tips. After you’ve done your research, how can you decipher what solution is best for your unique situation?

Just as its important to diversify your portfolio to achieve the greatest outcome, would it not make sense to diversify your ideas? Do you not get a second opinion for a doctors’ potential life changing diagnosis?

New York Life, the highest rated company in the industry, is not just a mutual insurance company. They are within the top 30 Global Investment firms with over half a trillion in AUM. We partner with the best subadvisors from Black Rock, Wellington, Fidelity to name a few. We work in a boutique style to offer an array of investments that are performing best in its respective category.

I want to help people feel confident about their financial well-being.


Some of the planning I can help with, but not limited to:

*Corporate structure analysis: buy/sell agreements, executive bonus (varying uses for both)

*Retirement: implementation of a plan, full analysis of current plan, diversification of assets, efficient distribution and tax strategy

*Analysis of current investments, performance and fees

*Risk assessment and insurance analysis

*Long-Term Care

*Portable, permanent employee life insurance

*On-going support and advisement to business owner and employees