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Evan Stavris

Profit & Equity, LLC
Evan Stavris

11 Wing Avenue
Assonet, MA 02702
United States

Virtual Bookkeeping

Are you a business owner who is not sure how much to pay themselves?

Would it surprise you to know that most business owners make less money than the people working for them?  Our clients get paid regularly and fairly for their hard work!

Are you a business owner who is not sure how to tell how "healthy" your business is?


Equity is the net worth of your business. It is the fiscal value of your business.

Did you know that this is how creditors decide your business’ financial health? How “healthy” is your business?  Our clients not only know how healthy their business is; they know how to keep it healthy!

Client We Serve: 

  • healthcare practices/providers
  • animal services/veterinarians
  • legal practices/firms
  • other service-based industries

Services Provided: 

Monthly Bookkeeping with optional add-on services:   

  • Coaching & Budgeting Services
  • Benchmarking & Custom Analysis
  • Accounts Payable & Bill Pay
  • Accounts Receivable & Invoicing
  • Payroll Processing
  • … and more!

 ** Monthly bookkeeping starts at $600 per month and can go as high as $3000 per month, most pay between $800 to 1200 per month

Ad Hoc Services available:

  • Clean Up Services (starting at $175 per month per account)
  • Start-Up Services  ($800 per business)
  • Bookkeeping coaching  (starting at $125 per hour)
  • …and more!