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Julia LoranEstes

Profit & Equity, LLC
Julia LoranEstes

11 Wing Avenue
Assonet, MA 02702
United States

Virtual Bookkeeping

Not Just Your Bookkeeper, I Am Your BUSINESSkeeper!

As a nurse, it was my job to gather accurate data so the physicians could diagnose and treat their patients.  This is what standard bookkeeping is: gathering and presenting the data on your business’s financial health.

You probably are not a business “doctor”.  You know your business, like a parent knows their child.  I can know your business like your pediatrician knows your child.   My skill set will help you keep your business healthy and thriving so you can watch it grow and make the best decisions for its growth.

Not just your BOOKkeeper, I am also your BUSINESSkeeper.  I help you keep your business running smoothly and working towards the goals and objectives you have set.  By really digging into the reporting on your now pristine books, we can work together to understand where the barriers are and how to surpass them.


List of Services:

  • Bookkeeping When You Need It

  • Bookkeeping Compliance

  • Businesskeeping