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Leo Turco

Superior Rate Mortgage
Leo Turco

795 Turnpike Street, Unit 201
North Andover, MA 01845
United States


Leo Turco is a seasoned Mortgage Advisor with over 20 years experience. Leo's lengthy career specialized in Mortgage Lending, Investment Wealth Management & Insurance, Consumer Credit, and Commercial Lending, allows him to be extremely well versed and skilled with guiding clients through their home purchase or refinance while understanding and managing the volatility of the interest rate market.


As a habitual learner, Leo has an innate burning desire to acquire knowledge and become the best version of himself by consistently focusing on personal development. This has allowed him to have held the broad range of specialties in the financial services industry, share his philosophy of life purpose and acquiring wealth, and fulfill what he defines as his own purpose:

“To be of service to others and help them in any positive way possible”


As we embark into the next chapter as a society, there is no one better positioned to provide a holistic solution that BENEFITS YOU!


If you or someone you know would like true, holistic guidance on;

- A home purchase

- Assistance with refinancing and properly structuring debt

- Analysis of leveraging the equity in your home


Let Leo be of service to you!


At Better Half Lending Team of Superior Rate Mortgage, we pride ourselves in our ability to make an impact in someone’s life.


“Define your purpose, the rest, is the result of” - L. Turco