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Eileen Labrecque

Organizing Relief
Eileen Labrecque

United States

Professional Organizer

Organizing Relief is a certified professional organizing services company offering you easy and effective ways to organize your surroundings both in your workplace and home. As most people are leading a very busy life today, they often don’t get time to do the little things like organizing their workplace and home. We make things easy - making or transitioning your home or office over into an organized, de-cluttered and pleasing place to live and work at again. We not only organize ‘stuff’ but give you back the freedom to organize your time in a better way.

Business: We at Organizing Relief understand the requirements of start-up to small companies and home offices by offering affordable office organizing services. We make sure that there is nothing in your office area that is uninspiring, so we work with you creatively to remove any obstacles standing in your way as well as any unnecessary things that are of no use and cluttering your thoughts and space. In addition to purging useless material items in your office, we work with you to re-arrange, streamline and add productivity into you’re working spaces according to your needs and preferences, From time management to files storage, we ensure complete organization of every little and big thing that can create anarchy if not put in order.

Residential: At Organizing Relief, we can provide you with great, creative ideas and suggestions to use your residential family and ‘home’ business spaces and furniture in a more streamlined, organized, productive and effective way. Our firm can organize you to meet your lifestyle needs, clearing theclutter with clean organizational setups for your home, home office, special needs paper office or systems, bedroom, closets, kitchens, pantries, hobby areas, kid or family areas by optimizing your space available. We can also offer you follow up, ongoing or maintenance programs utilizing creative suggestions in person, or online –  keeping in mind your budget as well as the settings and needs of your home. We are professional experts offering you and your family a clean, efficient, de-cluttered way to live within your spaces allowing you the freedom to live in your organized spacious areas one again!