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Bob Rueter

Rueter Foundation Repair
Bob Rueter

49 Hubbard Ave
Northhampton, MA 01060
United States

Foundation Repair

Water outside the house: Good! 

Water inside the house: Bad!

It's that simple sometimes.  When water is coming into your basement through a crack in the concrete wall, you need it fixed once & for all.  That's what we do. Our urethane resin injection process comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Your Home Foundation Repair deserves no less than that!

Many people just patch the crack with a surface treatment. This still allows the water through, and that water continues to work on your patch. The better way is to grind it out & inject it with a urethane resin to fill the crack inside to out, bottom to top, permanently. That’s what we do. The right way to do Home Foundation Repair!

Problems We Solve: 
  • Leaky Concrete Walls
  • Bulkhead Leaks
  • Leaky Sewer and Well Lines
  • Bowed Concrete Block Walls
  • Larger Cracks