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Bob Rueter

Rueter Foundation Repair
Bob Rueter

Water outside the house: Good! 

Water inside the house: Bad!

It's that simple sometimes.  When water is coming into your basement through a crack in the concrete wall, you need it fixed once & for all.  That's what we do. Our urethane resin injection process comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Your Home Foundation Repair deserves no less than that!

Many people just patch the crack with a surface treatment. This still allows the water through, and that water continues to work on your patch. The better way is to grind it out & inject it with a urethane resin to fill the crack inside to out, bottom to top, permanently. That’s what we do. The right way to do Home Foundation Repair!

Call or Text Photos of your crack to any of the numbers above, and we will get back to you quickly.  Your Home Foundation Repair should not wait!

List of Services:

  • leaky concrete wall cracks
  • bulkhead leaks
  • leaky sewer and well lines
  • bowed concrete block walls
  • lally columns
  • larger  cracks