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Ron MacMullen

Your Goal Fitness
Ron MacMullen

295 Main St
Salem, NH 03079
United States

Personal Training

It's All About Your Goals

We would love to be your Trusted resource and Fitness partner

At Your Goal Fitness we know you are the kind of person who wants to lose weight, be healthy, have plenty of energy, manage stress and able to get a good nights sleep. 

The problem is that you haven’t been exercising and are out of shape which makes you feel self conscious that you’ve let this happen. We understand and in fact the company was founded based on the owner's fitness journey from obesity. That’s why we have six Personal Training packages to choose from  along with multiple session options and your choice of program delivery, Private or Semi-Private in Studio, Completely Online or in some cases in-home. 

Available Programs:

1 week: YGF Give it a try 

30 Day: YGF Kickstart

Month to Month: YGF Fitness Maintenance

Three Month: Your Goal Transformation

Six Month: Your Goal Committed

One Year: Your Goal Totally Committed

Here’s how it works, the first step is for us to discuss your fitness goals, what is your vision? Step two is for us to outline and customize a plan based on your goals and vision, The third step is to find the best schedule, program delivery method and your journey begins.

Its never too late to start! Contact us for your free consultation so you can stop being overweight, start feeling great and be in the best shape of your life.

Member of the MedFit Network https://medfitnetwork.org/members/ron-macmullen/