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Keep Everything Running Like Clockwork In Your Busy Factory Post Pandemic

Running a busy factory floor, especially amid a post-pandemic panic, is going to be a challenge for even the most experienced floor managers. However, now that the world is beginning to adapt to a new normality, your factory has to do the same to meet the demands you’ve no doubt got flooding in. But how can you keep a busy factory running like clockwork in times like these? We’ve got some tips that will help you keep your team and machines alike working together in harmony.


Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels CC0 License

Keep morale high

Your workers are bound to feel the strain at the moment. They’ve got worries and fears related to COVID-19 and their safety, whether the work they’re doing is risking the spread of the illness, and how the virus is going to affect their lives. Firstly, you should be addressing the steps you’ve put in place to keep them safe to settle their minds. Next, you should take some time to boost overall morale on the factory floor:

  • Have a daily briefing to allow staff to air any concerns
  • Listen and take action on their problems
  • Say thank you - and do it often!
  • Allow your staff to listen to music (provided it’s safe). Music is a great way of bringing a team together
  • Perform team building exercises once every few months to allow staff to connect properly.

Machine maintenance

As you’re aware, it’s of the utmost importance that your machines are well looked after. Now that funds might not be flowing as they were pre-pandemic, you must take necessary steps to ensure your machines still get the maintenance they need, but as cheaply as possible. Use preventative methods on your machinery such as HVOF to allow more peace of mind between maintenance checks.


Keeping a trained engineer on-site may help with those smaller repairs, but remember that you must still adhere to safety guidelines for each machine. Whilst you’re trying to save every penny to keep your business afloat, this is a cost you should still be shelling out for.

Set goals - with rewards

You and your staff will be under a lot of pressure to get the end products out of the doors on time, and if demand is higher than normal this could be difficult. Set clear goals with your staff and reward those who meet those goals. This is another effective morale-boosting method, and will also ensure you’re hitting deadlines and not losing out on any money.

Invest where possible

We realize that investment may be at the back of your mind right now, but sometimes making an investment in your business can bring immediate returns that you won’t regret. Updating your computer systems, or investing in a new machine may increase production (and even the quality) of the product you manufacture. So, if demands are high and there’s something you’ve been meaning to replace/update for some time, now’s the perfect time to do so!


We’re all feeling the stress of Coronavirus, but using these steps on your factory floor will help keep everything running like clockwork!