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My Top 3 Make or Break Showing Tips


When you’re on a showing, it’s important that you look “under the hood” of the house to confirm the value and to determine whether it truly fits into your budget. There’s always going to be projects when owning a home and we need to…


Charles Gray joined Rockland Trust in 2014 as Vice President and Manager of their Somerville branch. At the time Charlie was quoted as saying "Rockland Trust has a great reputation for excellent customer service and community involvement. I'm excited to work with such a passionate group of professionals who are committed to supporting our customers and communities."

Rockland Trust builds strong relationships with their…

In life and business, time= money. So as a business owner, how are you going to make sure that you don’t end up in debt with your most important business tool?

Anybody who is keen to succeed must be obsessed with time management and officency. So with that in mind, here are some ways to invest in your most valuable resource. Your time. 


Plan ahead 


When at work, it may be tempting to dive right into the day ahead in order to feel efficient. However, this is a big mistake. What about when you finish the first task and…



3D printing is revolutionary – already it has been said that it can change the world. It is shaking up the whole production line, with businesses jumping on at every opportunity they get. However, you may be confused, like many, over the different types of 3D printing that are offered,…


At AKM Graphics LLC they love working with business owners or anyone who is looking to create their brand. Need help to bring that logo to life? Andre can help you with that. He can help with your online presence by creating a website for your business, that get's you that visibility and traffic your business is looking for. Andre also does illustrations for books, designs for T-Shirts and more. Looking for the perfect client gift,…

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B2B companies are in a unique position compared to B2C businesses. When you market your services at other businesses, you instantly decrease the potential clients you can find. Instead of attacking a market with thousands of consumers, you may have one hundred businesses to aim at. Therefore, you have to choose a…



Launching a B2B operation within the travel industry is always going to involve a lot of hard work and effort. In most instances, you’ll also have to make a hefty investment, and that means you simply can’t afford for things to go wrong. 


Regardless of the nature of your travel business concept, the tips and suggestions below are…

No doubt about it starting any business can be tricky, but there can be a lot of elements to think about when you are launching a business that is sport or fitness related. There is a lot of competition out there, for things such as lessons and coaching right down to activewear and equipment that you sell. There are simple steps that you can take to launch your sports business correctly and with success. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can think about. 



 The Polite Poker Face

What do you do during a showing?

How are you suppose to act?

Here is some of my personal insight on using your BEST Poker face to get the results you are looking for!

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Just a glance at the modern economy tells you that partnerships are essential. Companies rely on each other to get results, whether it’s a large enterprise buying consulting services or a small business looking for a marketing partner. It all matters enormously. 


Choosing the right partnership, though, is challenging. Just as when you pick a spouse, you have to navigate the complexities of the relationship, bobbing and weaving with the other's needs while keeping an eye on your objectives. 


However, there is some good news: emotions do not tend to run so…