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Business Networking Tip - What Should I Talk About?

One of the common reasons my friends do not post on social media is because they do not know what they should talk about.

For me I talk about three topics: How bad I eat, networking advice and my family. What I have found is that each one of these topics allows me to connect with a different group of my followers. When I talk about eating cookies and pizza, people will suggest new places to try or ask me if I want to meet up for pizza. When I talk about my family, my friends comment on how many nieces and nephews I have and how they are always my favorite on their birthdays. When I share networking tips, I am growing my influence with my business friends. As you can see each topic has some overlap but also helps me connect with a different segment of my followers.

I try to use my social media accounts to show my personality and to come across as a real person.

I personally try to stay away from anything that can be controversial. I just do not feel a need to upset potential clients. I am always reminding my friends that yes; they do have a right to their opinions and people have a right to be offended by your opinions and not do business with you. I think each person must make that decision for themselves.

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