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That is Not My Name

Kevin Willett says be careful taking short cuts

The other day, I was sending a multitude of emails out. Same message going to many different people, so of course copy and paste was my preferred method of composition. We have all been there, in a rush not fully focused, and we mess up. I sent out a bunch of emails in a row and forgot to change the name at the top. I received a reply to one of the emails I sent “THAT IS NOT MY NAME and I am not interested in your event!!!”.  I would like to tell you that this was the first time this ever happened to me, but I would be lying. I could also tell you this would be the last time I did this, but that would probably also be a lie. Was it an honest mistake? Yes. But it comes across as being careless and disrespectful. I totally understand this person’s anger and frustration with me. I am glad the other email recipients cut me some slack, but they didn’t have to. The moral of my story today is to try to slow it down just a bit, recheck your emails before sending and stay focused on the goal. You won’t win clients by being careless. You also won’t be perfect all the time. But please make the effort.  

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