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The Bigger The Risk…

Kevin Willett says being a good salesman includes selling yourself

We need to take risks as entrepreneurs. The bigger the risk, the harder the decision and the more time it will take to make it. For example, if something is low cost and may or may not work for you, would you try it? You probably would because the risk was low. Quick decision. If something were of a higher cost, you would probably take more time, think of the pluses and minuses, weigh your options against your finances and more.

Okay, now switch sides. You are trying to sell your services; they are costly, and you are getting frustrated with slow turn around. Think about who you are selling to. You may feel the cost of your services is a steal, low risk investment. That may not be how your potential client sees it. The value of money is different for everyone. How do you make it worth it for the client? You have to sell yourself as well. Telling someone about all the great things you can do for them is nice, but they also have to feel comfortable with you. It goes back to the Know, Like and Trust I have tried to educate you on so many times in prior blogs. Sales may be what grows your business, and you feel that it your main job, but making potential clients comfortable with you and your product, giving them space and understanding their situation, building the relationship is more important. Do not get frustrated, do not get angry. Enjoy the journey. In the end you’ll have a happy client and new friend.

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