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What Time Is It

Kevin Willett says be aware of the clock no matter where your meeting is being held

We do a lot more business online nowadays. Working from home has some of us forgetting what day it is or what time it is.  I have been noticing lately a lot more people showing up late for ZOOM meetings. Sometimes it is an honest case of losing track of time, but sometimes it is a case of not caring. People treating a ZOOM meeting as less than important compared to an in-person meeting. This is not correct! You would not leave someone hanging in a coffee shop or conference room. Just because they are at home at their desk, you should not leave them hanging there either! Time is precious no matter where the meeting is taking place and to disregard that concept is being disrespectful to the person you are meeting with. This is especially true about group meetings. Now you are leaving multiple people waiting for you. Just because a meeting is online does not mean it is not a big deal or should be less formal. Tardiness affects your brand and can hurt your business. So, online or in person, know what time it is.

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