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Joe Tauras Does Not Want You to Become a Hacking Statistic

With so many other competing priorities, password security may not be top-of-mind for many business leaders right now. But even a cursory check of 2017 data-breach reporting suggests that it very well should be. Joe Tauras, Owner and President, TeamLogicIT in Southern NH, serves as consultant to small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and individuals that value personalized, proactive service - and he is committed to being available as a sounding board for any situations that may arise. Situations like security breaches. Joe can help your business with cybersecurity policies and practices, including password hygiene, and will work to keep your company safer and more secure in 2018. 

Business today lives in the cloud, runs on mobile devices and constantly evolves.

This opens the door to all kinds of cyber threats, and data protection technology such as email filters, firewalls, anti-virus and malware tools, while helping to protect your data, are not foolproof in protecting your business. To strengthen your organization’s security posture in today’s volatile environment, TeamLogic IT provides a 5-step approach to cybersecurity that:

  • IDENTIFIES potential risks and gaps in your IT infrastructure

  • PROTECTS with best practices in security, protocols, software updates and more

  • DETECTS threats to quickly avoid and mitigate risk

  • RESPONDS via alerts and personal support in the event of a cyber attack

  • RECOVERS to remediate and restore lost data and systems to full operations


Contact Joe for and feel more secure in your business:

Phone: 603-505-4665 | Website: http://www.teamlogicitmanchesternh.com/