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About New England B2B Networking

Successful businesses depend on word of mouth marketing as the best form of promotion. New England B2B Networking provides established business executives with the most efficient and relevant networking experience for B2B companies for better relationship development and maximum referrals.  

What makes New England B2B Networking unique? Organized by Kevin Willett, this group offers personalized service for clients that is unavailable with other networking organizations. Acting as your own personal mentor and business development strategist, New England B2B Networking (lead by Kevin) makes every member a top priority, helping you quickly connect with others for maximum business growth.

While they have their own unique benefits, other networking opportunities do not provide the targeted approach now being offered by New England B2B Networking. Our format is completely different than that of the networking giants who focus on packing the room, providing too many irrelevant or consumer-driven businesses and too few B2B connections. Where some groups rely heavily on the collective to produce for the whole, New England B2B Networking has solid, focused leadership at the helm, which is dedicated to making your business successful through direct business-to-business contacts. 

Why is networking with other B2B companies so important?

The basic function of a B2B company is to sell products or services directly to other businesses or companies. Examples of this are advertising sales executives or Voice-over-Internet Phone (VoIP) professionals who naturally sell to business owners NOT home owners. They are different than the typical business-to-consumer professional who provides a product or service to just about any individual. Professionals selling to businesses have a much smaller, focused target market, and are dealing with other professionals well-versed in the products or services that are required within their business.

For these reasons, finding just the "right fit" in a typical networking group can be difficult. B2B executives know that building solid relationships are the key to good business development. That's why it is even more important that connections being made through networking outlets meet these relationship building requirements.  This saves time and money by ensuring that each connection made is a potential prospect or referral source - because they too are looking to do business with other businesses.

New England B2B Networking makes each experience about YOU and can focus on your success by controlling the number of participants who receive personalized attention, business development assistance and tailored marketing solutions for their B2B business.

Does this sound like the kind of networking experience you're looking for? If you're ready, contact Kevin Willett today.