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What We Know Today - Get College Going

What We Know Today 

Working on achieving one's pathway to education and career raises many questions, concerns, and challenges. Even without COVID-19.

Our goal is to educate by sharing information that we are following through conversations with college representatives and others within our higher education network.  

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High School Juniors - In the midst of this new school year and the challenges faced if attending college after high school is the goal, starting the college planning process is critical.

  • Building and refining college lists, learning the financing rules, visiting college campuses (virtually now) are time-consuming activities. Plus
  • CV-19 has changed the recruitment game now requiring students to be proactive to demonstrate interest.

Providing time to plan and complete tasks will bring harmony to an already stressful day, and the weeks ahead.

There is no pause button for High School Seniors and their parents considering college next September. The college selection process should be well on its way to enter the final checklist stages. 

  • October 1 – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is available for completion. All students (and families) considering enrolling in college in September of 2021 and interested in applying for financial aid must complete the FAFSA. Traditional Four-Year, Community College, and approved Technical and Professional Program, obtaining financial aid starts with the FAFSA. Read these helpful tips before starting.
  • Common Application, Essay, and Recommendations – All admissions application documentation and supporting material (art portfolios) should be nearing completion for HS Seniors at this time. Application submission for many schools will begin as early as November 1 (Early Action) and run right through to January 1 of 2021. Read important tips shared by Shelly Honeycutt, co-creator of Pivotal College Years.
  • Word on Testing- if a student had the chance to sit for the exam, excellent. Consider including the score if it supports the student. If there is an opportunity to sit for October/November test, sign up and take the exam. If you can't, don't panic, colleges and universities know of the enormous challenges experienced by students this year. Press forward with GPA, rank, the other essential student differentiators!!  

Young Adults - If the current pandemic has you rethinking returning to college, many options are available. Complete the degree started, tackle an Advanced Degree, or increase professional certifications, the time to start is now. One course, part-time or even full-time, and you may be eligible for financial aid.

Student Loan Repayment – Unless there are other rulings from Washington, federal student loan payments placed on hold due to the pandemic will begin new or return on December 31. Student loan borrowers need to prepare for this change and if needed, investigate education loan consolidation or refinancing. Interest rates are at an all-time low so this may be the time to take charge of education loan debt.



Talking College
Join the Pivotal College Year's team for a LIVE discussion on timely topics affecting students, parents, and college graduates! We’ll be answering questions and sharing insights and inviting special guests to help us bring clarity to the conversation. Before, During, and After College
October 13, 2020, @ 4PM EST

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Colleges That Change Lives - College Fair
September 27
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