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Planning and Financing College - Uncomplicated

We have reached the mid-point of the summer. We've been wearing our PFS 50, working, playing sports, walking trails, and enjoying outdoor dining at our favorite restaurant.
Like all processes in motion, keeping an eye on the college planning process is very important, even in the summer. Before you know we'll be turning in our bathing suits for sweaters, and we'll be in the thick of it. Take advantage of this time to make the Fall stress free.

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Tuition Bills – if the college tuition bill has not hit the mailbox, it will be there soon. The bill covers tuition, fee, campus housing, and meals for the first fall semester, with payments due by August. Before one can access their dorm, academic schedule, or meal plan, accounts for incoming or returning students must be resolved. Learn your resources, and put your financing strategy into action. Have questions; we're here to share insights and best practices.   
Add a copy of the Practical Funding Workbook from Pivotal College Years to your resource library.


Anxiety Before Departing first-time and even returning college-bound students experience changes in their behavior leading up to the start of college. Modes, conversation, and temperament change. Experts stress the importance of keeping students focused on work, sports, friends, and summer hobbies while finetuning the process of hitting the campus. As parents, as excited as we are, it is important to avoid overselling the start or return to college. Watch, listen, and support - read more


2022 HS Seniors - Still Thinking -  if going to college left you thinking of something different post-high school, you're not alone. On average, up to twenty percent of a graduating class may not have been ready for college or had other plans. Work, defer a year, take on an apprenticeship position in a skilled profession, transfer, or take a few courses at the community college are all outstanding options. If you are unsure, cool, but have a plan on how and when to continue your learning! Need help sorting out the plan? Start a conversation.

10th - 11th and 12th-Grade Students – summer is a great time to explore colleges, participate in enrichment programs and plan for 2023, 2024, and 2025. Campuses may be in their off mode, but they're open for business, tours, and a chance to speak with school representatives. Can't get there, evaluate academics and campus life virtually and go in the Fall.
Examining financing strategies, drafting the essay, starting the application, and reviewing the checklist now. Use the time wisely and make the Fall stress free!! 


Recent College Graduates - preparing for work and adjusting to life might include managing educational debt; federal and private loans are due to start repayment in November. It's essential to learn one's rights and responsibilities and investigate employer-sponsored benefits programs associated with your loan obligations. 


Anything Else
Education Loan (New) Interests Rates
U.S. Department of Education released the 2022-2023 interest rates for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. The rates are effective as of July 1 for 2022-2023.

  • Direct Student Loan for Undergraduate students - increase from 3.73% to 4.99%
  • Direct Unsubsidized Graduate and Professional students – increase from 5.28% to 6.54%
  • Direct PLUS* Loan for Parents of Dependent Undergraduate and Graduate students increases from 6.28% to 7.54%
  • The Origination Fee charged at first disbursement is 1.05% for Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans and 4.22% for Direct PLUS loans.

Keep in mind that the Federal Direct PLUS Loan is credit-based and not automatically available as it may appear on some college financial aid award letters. Although credit eligibility is considered less stringent, applicants can't have an adverse credit history.
Go to https://studentaid.gov to learn how to complete the Direct Loan or apply for the Direct PLUS loan.


Partners Corner
This month Kate Dinsmore, Certified Health Coach and mom of two college students, share her insights as parents begin the transition to the college process.

Everyone thinks about books, clothes, and comforters, but what no one tells us parents is that our checklist is missing health and wellness. So below are three key points I share with any parent of college-bound kids.

Prescription Medications - If your child will need to bring prescription medications to school, check if there is a pharmacy within walking distance. Consider signing up for prescriptions by mail - don't get that panicked call from your child that they ran; out and need you to overnight their meds! 
HIPAA Form - Did you know that when your child turns 18, your ability to consult freely with their doctor stops? The doctor can no longer answer questions you have about your child unless your child has filled out an Authorization for Release of Information Form.  
Nutrition - Believe it or not, they are about to live in the biggest petri-dish! Rarely do parents talk about the 4 Pillars of Health with their kids before they go off to school:

Falling short in any one of them can prevent us from fighting off the inevitable exposure to infection. The experience of a child being hours away from home and not feeling well is heart-wrenching. Equipping them with education and tools can give you both peace of mind.

Did you know that our brains require more energy to run than any other organ in our body? The energy required comes from food; unfortunately, bagels, coffee, and pizza are not the best sources.

Learn more ways you can start helping your child today to have a balanced immune system for the fall. Kate Dinsmore, 781-258-5423,  [email protected]



Walk into Senior Year Ready for your Future!

Pivotal College Years is a robust online college planning platform. Designed for the DIY parent, the digital library covers a wide range of information before, during, and after college. Resources include videos, PDF downloads, workbooks, and other reference information on everything college. College Planning shouldn't be complicated, intimidating, or expensive.  
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