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  • Start thinking like the top 1% of CEO's and Leaders.
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  • Stop letting circumstances control your decisions and learn how to compress time and accomplish more.
  • Become a more effective decision-maker and add greater value to your organization and more fulfillment to your personal life.
  • Create incredible leaders around you and highly productive teams.


Next Date September 17 12pm-1pm

Business Networking Tip - 1st Rule of Networking

The first rule of Networking is to always return phone calls and emails. Plain and simple. I have said it before, we are all busy, but should never be too busy for business. I had a friend recently who needed a service urgently. They called their contact and never got a call back. The contact claimed they meant to call, and it fell through the cracks. Now that person is out a source of revenue & a referral source, thus hurting their business.

Business Networking Tip - Managing Disappointments

We held a food drive this past Saturday the local food pantry and it did not go as well as I hoped. I found myself feeling disappointed until I thought about how I always tell people that every canned good or box of dry food does make a difference. This thought in turn made me think about how appreciative I was for the people that stopped by to say hello and drop off donations. I met some new people and we raised awareness of the pantry. Overall, I guess it was a great day.