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Business Success

'Wisdom Warriors' - Monthly Coaching for 2024

This group coaching for scattered entrepreneurs takes place on the first Monday of each month (although there are some exceptions) from 12pm to 1pm EST and is FREE!  

Instead of our January coaching, Carol will be hosting RECLAIM 2024: Be a confident and successful business owner despite world and inner chaos - a paid workshop

Reach your dream, your desire, your business and life goals in 2024 without feeling like you're killing yourself slowly.

Master Your Mind to Thrive in ANY Economy

Stop The Distractions!

Become More Effective.

Do More of What You Love.

  • Start thinking like the top 1% of CEO's and Leaders.
  • Scale your business and increase net profits.
  • Stop letting circumstances control your decisions and learn how to compress time and accomplish more.
  • Become a more effective decision-maker and add greater value to your organization and more fulfillment to your personal life.
  • Create incredible leaders around you and highly productive teams.


Next Date September 17 12pm-1pm

Business Networking Tip - When is the Best Time to Network?

My answer to this question may surprise you. I think you should network when you are busy. I find many people stop attending events when they get busy because they tell me they do not have time. When I ask them why they are so busy, they often tell me that its from meeting people at networking events or from referrals from attending events. If that is the case, why would you stop?

Now I understand you may have to be more selective about the events you attend, but you should continue to attend events to keep your pipeline active and avoid an eventual decrease in your business.

Business Networking Tip - It Is Time to Leave Your Tribe

Kevin Willett says expanding your affiliations increases the reach of you business

I meet a lot of people who only belong to one networking group. When I ask them why they haven’t tried other groups, they usually say things like “I feel safe where I am”, or “I am comfortable there”. That is OK, but I think you are missing a chance to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.