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The Secret to Getting People to Accept Your Calls

Kevin Willett says doing a little bending in your schedule will not break it

What is the answer to this burning question you ask? Simple, be flexible.

The other day I had a call scheduled and the person cancelled on me. I tried to reschedule, and she was busy. She later contacted me with an alternative time, and I was busy. Several emails and phone tag episodes later we still hadn’t figured out when we could chat. This person felt bad that they had to cancel the original call. I told them it was no big deal, that if we were both willing to be flexible with the other’s schedule it would all work out. Hey, it is great that they were so busy, it meant business is good! A similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was at my desk at 5am, as I am on most days, and an email comes through from a gentleman, I had on my calendar for a call later that day. He was going to have to cancel. I emailed him back immediately and said obviously he was awake and so was I, let’s talk now.  Now that is being flexible! We ended up having a great conversation. It all worked out.

On the flip side of this, if you have extra availability, that may not be something to advertise. Some potential clients may be weary if you tell them you are available to talk 24/7 in the upcoming days. They may wonder why you have so much free time. Give them a few options to choose from, making them think the rest was filled in. But again, stay flexible.

Bottom line is you need to service your clients first. If 9 to 5 does not fit for phone calls or video chats, be flexible to a 5:30 conversation. That is 5:30pm not 5:30am like me LOL. Although, if you are both early risers, why not! People who are willing to bend or maneuver their time in order to connect with potential clients are the one who will be successful.

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