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Welcome to Networking Focused B2B!

Welcome to a business networking experience unlike any you have encountered in the past. Offering personalized resources, relevant business introductions and unparalleled business development focus, this exciting new B2B model is exactly what busy professionals have been looking for. Every member of this group has proven to be an achievement-oriented, high-producing professional looking to engage with businesses and business owners.
Because busy B2B professionals have a narrowed target market, and specific business development needs, the pre-screening process of New England B2B Networking is critical to saving time and resources.  Plus, with access to trusted networks and database contacts maintained by New England B2B Networking, you can quickly gain introductions to business leaders and executives from specific industries, demographics or industry types. If you’re ready to “Work Smarter – Not Harder” then we invite you to participate in this sensational new program.

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Ryan Carr Specializes in the Scary and the Messy Parts of Your Business


Ryan Carr, Business Consultant, was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Born to a blue-collar family, Ryan is the second of four children raised by a single mother. Ryan now splits his time between Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire where he is raising his two young daughters.

Being no stranger to hard work, Ryan has been self-employed or owned his own businesses since he was 17 years old.  For more than two decades Ryan has dedicated his life and career to entrepreneurial pursuits and helping small business owners succeed in business.