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Entrepreneurialism can be a challenging maze of decisions that could determine success. As each choice can have lasting ramifications for business success, understanding and managing your utility service provider emerges as a vital ally. Think of them as having the ultimate superhero sidekick, often underestimated yet essential to saving the day. Fostering strong relationships with utility providers is not only wise, it is indispensable.



Gaining Insights for Innovation and Informed Decision-Making



In the outskirts of Boston, we usually experience distinct seasons marked by heavy snowfall in winter. However, this year was different. Instead of the usual 15 inches of snow in February, followed by 7 inches in March, we only had a light dusting of snowfall.

As we dealt with the…


Tax season is stressful enough without scammers trying to steal your money or identity.

Be on high alert for these common tricks:

● Fake IRS threats: Scammers pretend to be the IRS, demanding payment or

personal info. The IRS will contact you by mail first.

● Refund theft: Scammers file a fake tax return in your name to steal your refund.

Beat them to it by filing early!

It doesn't matter the size of your business, injuries can happen at any time and at any place. Safety, therefore, should be your top priority across the entirety of your business location. Whether you're working in warehousing or you're working in a simple office, you need to make sure that you're putting safety protocols and procedures in place to keep your employees in one piece.


It doesn't matter whether your employees are in the office doing paperwork or they are on the floor doing FHG Fuel Delivery, you have to make sure that they feel safe at work. So with that in…



Retirement Insights for March 2024


A senior man engaged in a conversation with his financial advisor while seated at a table.

History of the Alternative Minimum Tax


Time to Meet College Counselors

As we roll forward the clocks this weekend, we open the calendar to opportunities for 10th and 11th-grade students and parents to meet colleges. Students and parents thinking of life after high school, here is your chance for a soft and easy meet and greet.  Colleges and universities, service organizations, and, when combined with careers, businesses looking to hire.


April 29 @ 11:45 am - 1:00 pm

Ice Cream Social at the Salem Council on Aging

401 Bridge St Ste 1, Salem, MA 01970

Monday * April 29 * 11:45 am * Free

Join us for a free presentation AND ice cream social on preparing for
downsizing. Hear experts discuss trusts, wills, preparing a home
for sale, and zoning for additional apartments.

Speakers include:
Blaze Johnson, Realtor, J. Barrett,…

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What is Brand Equity, and Why Is It Important?


March Madness
Are your brackets ready?
Squares are purchased, initials marked, and the Boards are ready. Yes, all eyes turn to the NCAA Tournament and college hoops. This year, the tournament comes to our backyard as Boston plays host to the East Regional Finals at the TD [Boston] Garden at the end of the month.

March is a busy month across the higher education landscape.

Graduating classes