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How You Can Help Your Employees During Coronavirus

The pandemic has been hard on everyone and as a business owner, you’re probably feeling the wrath of the virus too as it may have affected the way your business runs. If you’re lucky enough to have survived as a business, you may be looking to help your employees out in return for them working so hard to keep your business alive. After all, they’re going through the pandemic too! Here are some great ways of helping and rewarding your staff during Coronavirus.



Reward them with paid leave

If your employees have worked hard during the coronavirus pandemic, regardless of whether they were working from home or on site, you might consider rewarding them with a few days of paid leave. You’ll have to lay down ground rules such as only having a few members of staff off in one go, but they will appreciate the sentiment and no doubt take you up on your offer.

Help them with their individual needs

Everyone has their own problems, and while it’s important to concentrate on the work at hand when you’re in the office, it can be difficult when other things are clouding your mind. Help your staff with their individual needs! For example, if your staff are struggling with childcare due to the pandemic, allowing them to work from home from time to time will help greatly. Alternatively, if you need them on site, creating a safe space for their children to play while they’re working is another great way of supporting your staff. You could install a durable commercial swing set in a supervised area on site, and fill a spare office full of exciting activities to help keep them occupied!

Introduce a new incentive scheme

Offering an incentive scheme within the workplace is a wonderful way of bringing everyone together as a team to reach the same goal. Incentives such as a meal out once a particular target has been hit or a bottle of wine each are both great examples of things you could consider. Remember to keep social distancing restrictions in mind!

Show appreciation

Sometimes one of the best ways of rewarding your employees is by simply showing your appreciation for all of their hard work! If you send out a newsletter to your staff and customers, mention the hard work of individual employees to show how much you appreciate what they have done. Other little things can show your appreciation too such as:

  • Making a round of tea and coffee
  • Provide perks such as Perkbox for your staff to take advantage of
  • Shout about it on social media, and thank them openly
  • Buy lunch for the office

Give them new responsibilities

Finally, if your staff tried hard and helped pull your business through the hardest point of the pandemic, reward them by giving them new responsibilities to show your gratitude. Remember to consider pay grades before allocating new responsibilities to ensure you can afford to give them a pay rise!