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How to Save Time To Be The Most Productive Possible

In life and business, time= money. So as a business owner, how are you going to make sure that you don’t end up in debt with your most important business tool?

Anybody who is keen to succeed must be obsessed with time management and officency. So with that in mind, here are some ways to invest in your most valuable resource. Your time. 


Plan ahead 


When at work, it may be tempting to dive right into the day ahead in order to feel efficient. However, this is a big mistake. What about when you finish the first task and you then have to take the time to think about what needs doing next? Take the time to sketch an outline of the day ahead in order to create a framework of the tasks that need completing. Sure, things will happen throughout the day that will throw you off- but you can still add those things to the ‘to-do’ list at the end of the day. 


Do the most important things first and the rest of the tasks will fall into place. The most important things for business success will be those tasks around building relationships, upskilling and marketing your business.  


Automate Tasks


When you and your teams have a lot of work to do, technology can take some of the pressure away from you. This can be from creating systems for time expensive admin tasks 


For example, using automation scripts for Google Ads efficiency will link information from Google sheets straight to your advert without having to learn the complicated code to get this done. It is also a much more straightforward task at the end of the day, meaning you get to focus your time and attention on the things that you’re really good at. 

It is worth looking into seeing which of your existing digital tools are being used to their full potential. Or, if not, which more advanced tech can be used to streamline your workload. 


Prioritize meetings


You’re busy. It may be important to attend some of the meetings in your diary, not all of them will require your attention. Let’s face it, lots of things said in meetings could just be put into an email. If you’re the one hosting the meeting, make sure there is a genuine reason for you to call it. By doing this you are protecting your own time while being respectful of others’ time, too. 


If a meeting needs to happen- don’t feel the need to use all thirty minutes if what needs to be shared is done in 20. See how much that improves the productivity of all involved. 


Take Breaks 


The most productive people are not always those who sprint on ahead with their tasks for the day with no breaks. Without taking the necessary time to breathe and create some punctuation to the day, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Tiredness can hinder your productivity, so make sure to spend time away from your workstation to stretch and reset your mind. 

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