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Improving The Reputation of Your Corporate Law Firm

There are many reasons why people go into corporate law. Unlike many areas of the law it has reasonable working hours, there’s incredible scope for networking and once your firm is well established, the pay can be excellent. Still, in some respects, establishing a  corporate law firm is just like establishing a practice in any other branch of the law… you need to establish a strong reputation to your firm to be appealing to prestige clients. And with so many corporate firms vying for the attention of high-paying clients, this can be incredibly challenging. Many law firms need to approach their marketing from a B2C point-of-view, directly appealing to the concerns of the client. But corporate law requires elements of B2B and B2C as your clients are businesses, yet will have many of the same concerns and misgivings as private clients. 


Image by Leokiru via Pixabay


With this in mind, here are some excellent ways in which you can establish a stellar reputation for your nascent corporate law firm...


Consider joining a lawyer management agency


Getting your name out there is crucial if you’re to garner the attention of corporate clients looking for representation. But finding a platform that puts your face in front of the right sets of eyes and your voice in the right ears can prove challenging on your own. Guest spots on the right podcasts and speaking engagements at the right venues can go a long way to improving your visibility. But do you have the contacts to facilitate this on your own? If you’re just starting out… probably not. 


A lawyer management agency like Elite Lawyer Management can facilitate these engagements for you. They can ensure that all the right people hear what you have to say and help you to get noticed by the prospective clients on whom you can build your reputation.


Invest some time in posting thought leadership content


Speaking engagements can be fantastic opportunities, but never underestimate your capacity to create your own. Start today by writing insightful and provocative thought leadership content on LikedIn’s blogging feature. It’s a great way to establish your knowledge and expertise in the eyes of prospective clients and start to get them p[redisposed to trusting you with their complex legal affairs. Just make sure that the content you provide is regular, original and above all useful to the client. It shouldn’t just be a platform to brag about how accomplished and knowledgeable you are. It should help them address a specific pain point and provide a taste of what you offer in your services, 


Focus on making friends rather than building your contacts list


Networking is a huge part of any B2B outreach, but there’s a knack to doing it right. One of the  most off putting things you can do is use a networking event as a pitch. Treat them as a chance to make friends and be yourself. It’s the best way to ensure that lucrative business contacts follow. 


Invest time in keeping in touch with your existing clients to maximize your chance of referrals


Finally, it’s important to make sure that you stay in contact with clients even after your business has concluded. Not only will regular contact keep you at the forefront of their minds, it may result in them referring their own contacts to you when they have need of your services.