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Steven Lindale Knows That Each of Us Has A Unique Life Journey


Growing up on a farm in lower Delaware, Steven developed a love of auto racing. At age 17, he left the farm toearn an accounting degree from the University of Delaware and a master's in finance at Goldey-Beacom, graduating summa cum laude. There, his interest in finance and investments took root and led to a more than 20-year career in the financial industry. 

Steven never lost his love of racing and compares it to reaching financial goals

"Competing in racing and achieving financial goals require preparation, perseverance and a team. For each race, you must select the optimal combination of tires, engine and gear selection to get the best results. During the race, you must communicate with your team to navigate the hazards, constant track changes and keep focused on the goal – The Win! To achieve your financial goals, we'll determine your time horizon, appropriate asset allocations and risk tolerance. With financial goals, you need to first determine where you are, where want to be and how to get there. Life will throw you many challenges and obstacles, just like every race. It's the preparation, hard work and perseverance that can help us be victorious in the end. The race of life is not just about finishing ahead but enjoying the journey. What does victory look like to you?" 

Steven would love to get to know about you and what is important for you, your family and your business. Work with Steven as a team, towards your Win!


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