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My Top 3 Make or Break Showing Tips by Ali Joyce, Realtor



My Top 3 Make or Break Showing Tips


When you’re on a showing, it’s important that you look “under the hood” of the house to confirm the value and to determine whether it truly fits into your budget. There’s always going to be projects when owning a home and we need to use the showing to identify as many as possible. 

 Here are my top 3 tips when evaluating a home during a showing: 

1. You will want to spend the majority of your time in the basement! We want to take in all sights and smells and look closely at the foundation to make sure there is sufficient support and no bowing in the lally columns or twisting of the support beam. This is also a great time to evaluate the heating system. 

2.  The exterior and the roof. Some of the most expensive items to repair or replace are on the exterior of the house. We want to take a close look at the siding, the roof, the windows and the window trim. What is the material? Is the wood rotting? If the house has cedar shingles are they shrinking? Are shingles on the roof lifting (this is a sign  of an older roof)? How many layers of shingles are on the roof? 

3. Think about your everyday life. Can you picture yourself there? Is there enough storage? It's like dating, you just know when it's the one! There's no rhyme or reason to it sometimes but it's important that you trust yourself and don't settle until you get the warm and fuzzy feeling!


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