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Snacks with an expert: Delegation, Engagement & Accountability


Snacks with An Expert is a free event series, in a casual shorter format, delivering bites of valuable knowledge to help you succeed!

Date and time

Thu, March 9, 2023, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST


Spark Offices 500 North Commercial Street #Suite 502 Manchester, NH 03101


A key to maximizing the return on your investment of time is to leverage yourself by delegating activities and tasks that do not represent the highest and best use of your time but are nevertheless important. Every highly productive person understands the importance of leverage — doing more with less, getting more from less—and masters this strategy. This presentation is designed to teach attendees how to increase their productivity by: Delegating low-value activities; selecting the best person to delegate these activities; ensuring excellent results by learning the principles of delegation.

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Steve DeVries is a Certified Business and Executive Coach where he works with technology-based OEM’s, manufacturing companies, and B2B Service Providers to improve their business. Team management, operational excellence, and strategic planning are just some of the areas that Steve focuses on with his clients. His mission is to turn his clients into better leaders, which in turn creates a stronger business, which cascades into the lives of their families, employees, and communities. Steve brings a unique perspective to his clients. He’s had success in multiple industries and business models. By developing a deep understanding of local business challenges and receiving guidance from top international business minds, Steve will challenge industry assumptions and inject fresh ideas for growth and leadership. 

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