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Three Tips to Improve Employee Retention


Image Pixabay CC0 License


Do you appreciate your employees? How often do you show them that you value them? As every manager knows well, building a team of staff that is reliable, hardworking, and talented takes time and effort, along with a little bit of luck thrown in too. Once you find yourself with employees that work hard for your business and are as invested in its success as you are, it is vital to try and keep hold of them.


Recruiting new staff is both expensive and time-consuming. Quite often, you may not even attract any suitable applicants for the position. Therefore, it makes far more sense to retain the employees you already have, rather than to recruit new ones. But, the question is, how do you retain your existing employees? How can you ensure that your team members want to stay with your company in the long term? 


Show Your Appreciation


Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and your employees are no different. Acknowledging their efforts and praising hard work when it is deserved is crucial to making your employees feel appreciated. Without appreciation, your employees may be less likely to work hard as there is no incentive for them to do so. Even simply, saying thank you can make a big difference to your employee’s day and make them feel positive about their role. 

Aside from saying thank you, there are many ways to let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts and value their contribution. Ensuring that you give out holiday gifts for employees is vital as it demonstrates that you acknowledge the efforts that they have put in throughout the year. You may also want to host a team celebration to recognize everyone’s contribution and to celebrate the holiday season as an additional reward for the team’s hard work.


Room to Grow


If you want to retain employees for the long term, you need to make it easy for them to stay within your company. Ensuring that you invest in your staff by offering continuing professional development, and plenty of opportunities for progression are among the best ways of retaining staff for the future. Knowing that there is a career progression path for them to follow is far more likely to keep your employees engaged and keen to continue their careers within the company.


Positive Workplace Environment


The environment in your workplace has a significant impact on employees. People feed off each other’s energy, so the more positive the work environment is, the more likely that your employees will display positive behaviors. A positive workspace is one that nurtures employees; it creates a supportive workspace that is inclusive and where everyone feels equal and valued.

The happier your team are at work, the more productive they will be. Research shows that employees who feel happy at work are 12 percent more productive. So not only could creating a positive working environment encourage your staff to continue working with your company, but it could also make your employees more productive.