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EforAll is looking for Mentors. 

EforAll looking for Mentors. 


For the past ten years, EforAll has been on a mission to help under-represented individuals  get the training and support they need to start and grow their own business. Through our free, one-year, Business Accelerator programs featuring hands-on business training and dedicated mentors, we have been able to help well over 700 businesses launch; 72% of which were women-owned and 70% BIPOC owned. In 2020, these businesses generated over $43M in revenue and provided 1,329 local jobs.


EforAll is a nonprofit organization and they work with entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey from ideation to formation/launch to existing business support. They support all kinds of businesses and nonprofits, from “Main Street” brick & mortar type of businesses to services and tech ideas. EforAll gives the knowledge and skills to help entrepreneurs move their business forward. Their programs are 100% free of charge for entrepreneurs.


Currently, EforAll is looking for mentors for the Business Accelerator program which is offered twice a year in each of the EforAll communities. Their Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, and use their business and leadership experience to guide new entrepreneurs through the process of turning their idea into a growing business. Mentors work in teams of three, and are matched with an entrepreneur based on schedule availability and desire to work together. The team meets as a group to help reaffirm topics and themes raised during classes, while also strategizing with the entrepreneur on how to reach their specific goals during the program. This is a high-touch year long commitment. Mentor teams have 90-minute virtual meetings for 3 months, and then meet once a month for the following 9 months. Please take a look at this 3 minute video on the importance and impact of mentoring with EforAll. Once you’ve digested all the information, feel free to submit an application and EforAll will contact you to follow up.