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Strong in Six Business Traction Event


EOS® (The Entrepreneurial Operating System®) (www.eosworldwide.com) is a powerful system that takes a holistic self-sustaining approach to building a great company. It helps a business owner get the most out of their business. As a result, companies: Crystallize their vision, getting everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction Gain tremendous traction by building discipline and accountability into the organization while fostering a healthy, functional, and cohesive leadership team and company.

EforAll is looking for Mentors. 

EforAll looking for Mentors. 


For the past ten years, EforAll has been on a mission to help under-represented individuals  get the training and support they need to start and grow their own business. Through our free, one-year, Business Accelerator programs featuring hands-on business training and dedicated mentors, we have been able to help well over 700 businesses launch; 72% of which were women-owned and 70% BIPOC owned. In 2020, these businesses generated over $43M in revenue and provided 1,329 local jobs.


Business Networking Tip - Do Not Give Up

I have a friend who is new to his job in sales and he was getting discouraged because sales were not coming as quickly as he hoped. Last month all of his hard worked paid off and he was able to close on a number of deals. I am really proud of him for not giving up. He kept attending events and building relationships.

I see many people get frustrated and give up too soon because sales and entrepreneurship are really hard. If you are tempted to give up, please send me a message so that we can talk about your business to see if I can help you.

Business Networking Tip - Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

I have been working on some new ideas for networking events, such as Speed Networking. I am amazed by how many people tell me “nobody wants to attend speed networking events, it is a horrible idea”. What I have found is, if someone does not like my idea, they will expand their opinion from they do not want to attend to nobody wants to attend.  Well, the first two speed networking events have sold out. So far, so good.