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Reduce costs with your existing PEO

Should you consider a PEO Cost Reduction?

  • You’ve added employees with new job descriptions
  • Your company has grown or expanded into several states
  • Payroll is unpredictable – commissions, bonuses, OT
  • Your PEO bundles pricing or does % of payroll fees
  • Your admin costs have gone way up
  • You have not shopped the market within 2 years

All PEO customers should regularly shop (at least every 2 years) to assess your pricing and compare it to other options. We make this task quick and easy. Best of all, customers only pay us if we successfully lower their costs with their existing PEO.

PEOs are great, but the breadth of their services can make managing costs a difficult task. Costs for health insurance, taxes, worker comp, and administrative fees are all moving targets as your company grows, changes, and contracts.


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