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Andre Mills Would Love to Help You Create Your Brand


At AKM Graphics LLC they love working with business owners or anyone who is looking to create their brand. Need help to bring that logo to life? Andre can help you with that. He can help with your online presence by creating a website for your business, that get's you that visibility and traffic your business is looking for. Andre also does illustrations for books, designs for T-Shirts and more. Looking for the perfect client gift, something fun and different? Visit the AKM Graphics website to see the amazing caricatures, original logo designs and sketches he has done for clients! 

Contact Andre:

Andre Mills Likes to Tell Stories Through Art

Andre Mills is an Illustrator living and working in Westford, MA. Andre loves to tell stories through his art, particularly his comic series Becka & Dre, BNN, and Random Comics. Not only that, but Andre knows everyone loves a fun caricature of themselves, doing things they like to do or dream of doing. On a business level he works with business owners or anyone who is looking for that special Graphic design for the work place or home. As owner of AKM Graphics, he also does illustrations for books, Logo's, designs for T-Shirts, can have pictures printed on canvas.