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About the Founder

Kevin Willett is no stranger to the needs of busy professionals. His years of experience in corporate business development, as well as his time as a successful entrepreneur and business owner means that growing a business and planning for achievement is always on his mind. His continuous entrepreneurial growth is due to a combination of his skills in effective networking, creative marketing, plus mastery of the wide array of social media outlets.

Along the way, Kevin has recognized a need for more concentrated Business-to-Business exchanges amongst established professionals. It seemed that business owners and executives rarely had a time to connect with their peers. Professionals who do business with other businesses, who need to build relationships within the commercial marketplace, and who share circumstances unique to B2B professionals "fell through the cracks" of the professional world of networking.

Kevin developed New England B2B Networking to address this need.

But it's not just about attending events with other B2B professionals. These busy executives and business owners are increasingly pressed for time, time that cannot always be spent attending a multitude of events. Recognizing the demand for a personalized service, Kevin brings a “business partner” approach to his B2B clients. This allows for small business owners and executives to access the resources and connections they need, including a broad network of professionals, without being required to attend more events than their schedules can manage. Kevin's "concierge service" style of networking opens up the resources of his entire network to serve his clients' needs.