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Michael Rinaldi Wants to Help You Achieve Your Most Cherished Financial Goals


For Michael Rinaldi, his top priority is to help ensure his clients achieve their most cherished financial goals, regardless of stage of life. 

"By listening, understanding what matters most, and helping to solidify what those goals are, our responsibility then becomes creating a sustainable roadmap to success. We are committed to building longstanding relationships and growing alongside our clients for years to come. The relationships we develop are the foundation of our business and it is our professional obligation to serve them with the utmost integrity and care.

Dennis J Demuth, CFP® Has Been Helping Clients For Over 20 Years

Dennis J Demuth, CFP® has been helping clients with investment and retirement income strategies since 1997. Having observed both good and bad economic times in his long financial services career, Dennis strives to build client planning strategies which anticipate what will happen over a client’s work life and retirement life. His mission is to help clients navigate both successfully. In working with his clients, Dennis gains a deep understanding of their financial circumstances as well as their attitudes about their future opportunities and risks.

Paul Bedinger Offers Real World Financial Advice You Cannot Find on a Website or in a Magazine.

Paul began his career as a registered representative for a Wall Street firm after graduating from UMass Dartmouth.  As a Regional Vice President, he opened and managed up to five offices to accommodate and sustain the firm’s growth.  After 12 years, Paul was recruited to implement a new broker-dealer platform for a regional bank with five branches.