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Where Are My Digital Customers?

Where Are My Digital Customers?


As of January 2021, approximately 60% of the global population is online. A whopping 4.66 billion users actively access the Internet throughout the world. When you think of the digital space in those terms, it appears like a huge opportunity for businesses. 


However, 4.66 billion users are not the same as 4.66 billion customers. In fact, many small businesses find it hard to believe there could be so many people using the Internet when they still struggle to establish a connection with their customers. The digital world can bring people together. But it can also create distance between a company and its audience. If you can’t find your online customers, you need to move your efforts to the next level. 


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Let someone else do the hard work

Building your brand online requires a unique set of skills. Understanding data and building data-centric strategies are no easy tasks, especially when you’re already trying to run a business. There’s no secret: Digital growth is a unique service that should be managed by professionals such as the Amazon eSpark team. If you have an Amazon channel that fails to attract visitors and buyers, you need to leave it to the pros who understand the platform and its audience inside out. The same principle applies to digital growth on any platform. Experts build growth. The key to surviving is to find the expert you need. 


They’re waiting in the online networking community

Building an online community enables a brand to control its digital environment. You can invite your VIP customers to join, offering a communication-focused strategy. Yet, too many brands assume that online communities can run themselves. Inviting existing customers doesn’t create engagement or communication. Online communities take a lot of time to build and grow. As a business, you will need to create a content strategy to engage customers. Failure to make your digital platform entertaining and appealing will only drive people away. 


They are offline

Building a brand online doesn’t mean it should be separate from your offline presence. If you already have customers who come to your physical shop, don’t miss the opportunity to grow your digital platform. For instance, adding free Wifi to your boutiques can help you direct customers to your website when they first connect. You can also use store displays to share your social media posts, including Instagram photos. Customers who tag you in their posts can also appear directly on the display. 


They are here, but you don’t see them

Web traffic can be confusing if you don’t know how to make the most of your web traffic monitoring tools. One of the most famous free tools on the market, Google Analytics, has many features that can be confusing to navigate. In other words, your audience could already be online, but you don’t know it yet. That’s precisely why it can be helpful to take a basic course in Google Analytics. Use it to identify your audience’s favorite device, the location of your users, the referral sources, best-converting sources, and the most visited pages. You can use the information to follow your visitors’ path on the website. 


Can’t find your digital customers? Help them find you and engage with you online. Whether you rely on an expert to build growth or learn to create engaging conversations, more than one strategy is available to unlock your digital power.