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How Can We Make Life Even Easier for Our Customers?

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If there's only one thing that is detrimental to your business's image, it's your lack of focus on your customers. Operating a B2B company means that we've always got to work with customers in our minds. But sometimes we make massive mistakes in terms of our customer service. We are operating with customer care approaches, but we are not necessarily giving them what they need. The customer is always right, and therefore, we've got to make life easier for them. If we make our customers happier, we will be happier. What can we do to make life easier for our customers? 


Offer Diverse Payment Options

When customers have to pay in a way that feels unnatural, they start to drag their feet. This means that you don't get paid on time, and this causes you undue stress. When you offer flexible payment options, this lets your clients pay in a way that is most convenient for them. This results in faster payments, and less time following up. There are many different ways to pay, with numerous methods of payment processing for retail merchants, including contactless devices, invoices, and bank transfers. You've got to offer diverse methods of payment just to make life less awkward when you are chasing customers. 


Preempting Customer Behavior

While nobody has a crystal ball, when it comes to customer complaints, we can guarantee that 80% of them are things we have all heard before. When you are training your customer service agents, you can arm them with a number of soft skills, and provide them with solutions to the problem. Many businesses try to preempt customer problems by offering an FAQ section. As beneficial as this is, sometimes people need to speak to someone on the other end of the telephone or online chat. But use an FAQ section as a bible that you can gradually expand. The larger the bible, the more solutions you can offer, which means a less likelihood of customers getting in contact with you. 


Measuring Customer Experience Metrics

There are some vital experience metrics within customer service, including CSAT, NPS, and Customer Effort, and if you are consistently measuring these metrics across every channel your customers interact with, it will become a far more efficient operation. Customer service is such a difficult thing to get right, but when you start to measure metrics appropriately, this allows you to address problems that keep recurring and therefore preventing them from happening ever again. 


Ask the Customer How They Want to Deal With the Situation? 

Many times, especially in customer complaints, they will expect you to solve the problem, but sometimes, customers will have their own approach to dealing with a solution. Everybody has their own opinions and if we allow some aspects of ownership to our customers this helps them feel like they are solving the problems. So if we work with them on it, it starts to build trust and that all-important bond which can make life easier for our customers and help us help them.